Channel Force

DGS understands Channels.  Distribution, ISVs, VARs, SIs and the general dealer market.  We know your Channels aren't there to make your market but to service demand.

Trust DGS with yourTo-Partner and Through-Partner programs - or we'll create Programs tailored to your region or country needs.

Our Channel Force services help your Channels build their business - while at the same time building yours.


Co-op Marketing

DGS creates and executes tactical Demand Generation programs in a 'through-channel' co-op model.

The focus here is fast turn-around simple and templated campaigns generating Leads for Partners with zero-overhead for them and you.

Suitable for ad-hoc or low campaign volumes.


Partner Demand-Centre (PDC)

Our PDC model provides you with an ongoing dedicated team to proactively engage with Partners and help them drive Demand.

PDC uses a library of templated campaigns from Tele-marketing driven to Webinars and events and more.

Suitable for those requiring consistant and wide coverage with frequent programs.


Lead Management, Assignment, ROI Reporting

How do you know what happens to each Lead?   What's the close rate?  The campaign ROI?

DGS provides web-based or e-mail based Lead assignment (gets the Lead into the hands of someone who should own it).

Then goes on to track at +30/60/90/120 days to ensure the Lead is actually followed up - and if within this time we have a projected sale, the ROI.

Complete beginning to end close-loop reporting and management. 


Share-of-Wallet (SOW)

How do you know what your share-of-wallet is for each Partner?  Knowing will allow you to prioritise competitive attack programs.

Our SOW service provides you with the facts.  We measure Channel sales by Partner by product category and brand.

So you can model Channel Sales volumes and plan activities to win more Wallet Share.


DGS' Channel Database (Demand-IT Channel Edition)

Looking for more Channel Partners?  Look no furthur!  DGS has invested in building Asia's best Channel Database.

We don't sell this product but you can access it for e-mail or tele-service programs conducted through DGS.


Channel Data Hygiene and Management

Even the biggest Corporates struggle with resources to effectively build and manage their Channel database.

DGS can do this for you.  We'll consolidate multiple data sources, keep it accurate with our tele-cleansing team - and add segmentation criteria.

So you can communicate at-will with all of your Channel - or just specific job-roles, whenever you need to.

DGS can also handle E-mail sends, design of communications pieces and handling bounces, unsubscribes and all the operational stuff you don't need to.