Demand Generation

Wikipedia defines Demand Generation as "a structured multi-disciplinary long-term ongoing process".  This implies a strategic approach.  We like this.

For most field Marketers however it means "a Lead Generation campaign". Tactical execution to hit quarterly numbers.  Real life.

Whatever your view - you're in good hands with DGS!  Because we have solutions for everyone's take on Demand Gen.


#1.  The Campaign-based solution:  Tactical Integrated Demand Generation

Ranging from straight-forward single-country Lead Generation - to sophisticated multi-country, multi-channel programs.

DGS provides everything!

  • Strategy and planning
  • ROI forecasting
  • Data supply and enhancement
  • Asset supply and creation (White papers & Research)
  • Translations & copy
  • Digital media plan/buy
  • Traditional design & print
  • Event marketing and management
  • Multi-lingual Tele-services
  • Lead Management & reporting
  • 30/60/90 day Pipeline report and ROI measurement


#2.  The buyer-journey-aware solution:  Our SANE methodology (Strategic Acquisition & Nurturing Engine)

SANE is Demand Generation centred around the person who matters most.  The buyer of your products or solution.

SANE delivers an ongoing Pipeline of high-quality Sales ready opportunities. 

It achieves this by combining every aspect of Demand Generation in a comprehensive ongoing engagement.   SANE is tried and tested over 5 years integrating:

  • Data supply and targeting
  • Outbound Tele-nurturing Relationship Team
  • E-marketing drip and trigger-based tracks
  • Selective invitations to Webinars and client Marketing activities
  • Opportunity spotting and tracking
  • BANT+ qualification and Sales escalation
  • ROI tracking and reporting

In fact SANE has been awarded best ROI producing marketing Demand program by a leading global tech brand.  Ask us about it.