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Myth # 1.  "Are you the decision-maker?"

Click on the thumbnail chart below.  Researching 400+ B2B tech buyers reveals there are always 3-4 folks involved in the product evaluation, selection and buying process.

And its not the same 3-4 throughout - it can vary a little or 100%.  Juniors tend to get the job of searching for solutions - then seniors get involves as the list narrows.

Takeout:  One-shot BANT Qualification in simple one-touch Campaigns might give you one contact.  But not all 3-4.  And won't really tell you much at all.

That's also one reason why so many Leads don't get followed up by Sales.  The 1 contact you did have got re-assigned another project and isn't interested in that old topic.

Use ongoing Telenurturing to find all of them and map out who has the economic power vs. the technical and where they're at in their acquisition lifecycle.

Then target each with information accordingly and stay Nurturing until sales Ready.

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Factoid 1. Sales and Marketing Alignment pays off

Click on the thumbnail chart below.

Aberdeen Research' study of B2B Marketers shows the "best in class" contribute nearly 3x the pipeline and 2.5x the revenue of their less well performing colleagues (see "Laggards").

Best in class Marketers use Lead Nurturing, scoring and tight Sales/Marketing alignment as their weapons of choice.

Take out: DGS provides consulting and execution in Alignment, Nurturing and Scoring - call us in for a chat on best-practice.


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