Training & Enablement

How does this fit with Demand Generation?  Simple.  So many Demand initiatives fail because of the last-link.

Our Sales and Channel Enablement services ensures those in the front-line are briefed and skilled in the following ways:


Demand Readiness Training (DRT)

Face-to-face or Webinar briefing for Sales and Chanels involved with receiving and actioning Program generated Leads.

It's not always obvious what Marketing intended them to do.  We demonstrate their role and empower them to act.


Enablement Tools

DGS develops tools and assets used by Sales and Channels to engage customers and prospects.

Presentations, collateral, brochure-ware, video, case-studies, ROI calculators, web-tools and more.


Sales Skills

Face-to-face and Phone-based Sales training for less experienced Sales and Channel staff.

DGS provides standard or cusomised course-ware at any AP or ANZ location.


Marketing Skills

Who better to provide Marketing training than DGS!

Ideal for coaching Channel Partner in-house Marketers to align with your practices and programs.

Web, phone and face-to-face delivery options in any language.